How do you feel?

As a personal trainer, I'm constantly asking people, "How do you feel?". Often, I get responses like "Tired", "Sore", "Sleepy" (especially at 5:30am). Some actually think it will make a difference as to what we do for that days workout. (Sorry, but no.) That's because I believe that (for the most part) we control how we feel. So if we say we feel energized, we will be.  So, when I read the following passage (thanx Cheryl M), I thought it was worth sharing. Enjoy!

"The world does not owe you joy or pleasure or fulfillment. Rather, the world gives you ample space in which to create as much joy, pleasure and fulfillment as you wish. Those who find a way to enjoy whatever life has to offer are the ones who get to enjoy the very best that life has to offer. It's a matter of choice and the choice is up to you. It is easy to feel sorry for yourself, and not at all effective in moving you forward. Yet just as easily you can instead choose to feel joyful for yourself. The way you feel has a powerful influence on what you do and how much you achieve. And the way you feel is whatever you decide to feel. Instead of struggling to work against your feelings, put your feelings to work for you. Truly and authentically feel success, achievement, fulfillment and joy, and you'll naturally put those feelings into effective action. Yes, you most certainly can feel precisely the way you wish to feel, at any time, in any place. Feel the life you wish to live, and you're solidly on your way there." -- Ralph Marston

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