About Donna

All my life, I've loved to sweat. Turns out that's a good thing because sweat to me means something good is happening. Now, I like to help other women love (OK, understand and tolerate) the sweat. I'm blessed to be able to share my gifts daily with a dynamic group of wonderful people.

My most fulfilling life's work has been helping women achieve a better relationship with their bodies, and re-discover their personal power.  I started My Good Life Fitness Studio where I've worked with hundreds of women in all stages of life, and each has left her own legacy as a happier, healthier woman.

My journey started in a very strange way.  Two typically negative situations launched me into cultivating a space where I can pursue my passion for helping other through health and fitness.  The first incident led to me becoming certified as a personal trainer and started training clients.  I was laid off from a job as an IT Project Manager after economic downturn that was caused by 911 attacks.  Also, I did rejoin the corporate world, I was blessed to work part-time as the manager of a small gym where I gained experience on the business side. 

The second incident was no less than miraculous.  Almost exactly 12 hours after I was informed my gym was closing, I found a gym that was for sale.  Literally, I was informed at 7pm on a Wednesday and I found the gym at 8am on a Thursday.  This was proof positive that I was on the right path. 

That was over 15 years since I've devoted my life to helping my community, and especially women prioritize self-care, a healthy diet, and making time for exercise as they navigate a new stage of their lives: motherhood, empty nest, and retirement.  All in all I blessed to help all people live a Good Life.